Being your own boss is a dream for many people, and entrepreneurship has grown rapidly in the UK with 1 in 10 of the working age population starting a business in the past few years. In fact, the UK leads the way in Europe when it comes to business, so it’s a really exciting time for anyone looking to start a company.

But starting your own business takes a lot of time and hard work, which is why it’s really important to choose something that you’re passionate about. With growing consciousness around health and fitness, many people are choosing businesses that are directly related to their interests – we know this better than most, as around 10% of our franchisees were once our gym members!

Below we look at some of the ways in which people are turning their passion for fitness into a business.

1: Personal training

Being a personal trainer can be highly rewarding as you are helping to train someone to be their best physical shape and being 1-on-1 really allows you to see the progress over time. Another big benefit is that you often form close friendships with the people you train. The main downside with being a personal trainer is that the business ultimately revolves around you and your client’s availability, which can sometimes be difficult to coordinate. It can also be quite difficult to pick up clients, and if you’re sick or want to take holiday, there is no way of you continuing to earn.

2: Lifestyle blogging

The rise in popularity of social media channels like Instagram has led to a number of fitness fans becoming ‘lifestyle bloggers’. Depending on how large your fan following is, companies will often pay tens of thousands of pounds and provide freebies such as clothing to get in front our your audience. Building your following does take time however, and there is no guarantee that brands will have a campaign that you can be involved with. However, this is often a great option for fitness fans who want to earn extra money while they have a job.

3: Opening a gym

If you’re an avid gym-goer and love to be around people, opening a gym is one of the most satisfying experiences (trust us, we know!). Of course, opening a gym does require a higher level of investment than personal training or becoming a lifestyle blogger, but the rewards are potentially much larger too. Plus you also benefit from being able to employ people to run the business for you, so your income is not dependent on you working all the time.

From leasing the property and buying gym equipment right through to training staff and marketing, there are lots of steps to take, so the knowledge and support offered by a fitness franchise like énergie may be the right option for you. We’re proud to have helped over 100 small business owners take control of their personal and financial freedom, and turn their passion for the gym into their business.

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