Described as the “growth engine” of the health and fitness market, low-cost gyms such as énergie Fitness have been driving the recent growth in the health and fitness industry, consistently increasing their market share year-on-year.

Understandably, there is a lot of noise around the growth in the health and fitness industry which is great news as we become a healthier and fitter nation. This evidently has far reaching benefits for wider society as a whole. 1 in every 8 people in the UK is now a member of a health and fitness club.

A closer look at the statistics demonstrates that the driving factor behind the consistent growth in the health and fitness industry is the rise of low-cost gyms. The 2019 Health and Fitness Clubs Report compiled by Mintel confirms that:

“Membership of private health and fitness clubs is growing, with 18% of Brits now members compared with 15% in 2018. This growth has primarily been driven by the expansion of low-cost operators.”

Further market insight and analysis adds to this and also maps out how low-cost gyms will continue to drive the growth in the industry in the future. The ‘UK Low Cost Gyms – Market headroom forecasts increased’ report produced by PwC UK outlines that the low-cost sector will continue to increase its share of the market as new locations open but also as low-cost gyms claim market share from mid-market operators. Mid-market operators are defined as those gyms that charge upwards of £30 per month for their basic membership.

The PwC report also demonstrates that there is significant room for growth in the market as the UK penetration rate is currently behind some other European nations such as who have all increase their penetration rates. Low-cost gyms are attributed with attracting new members to the industry with clear, affordable and flexible pricing models that make the decision to take the first step into fitness that much easier.

Combine this with an unbeatable membership experience and it’s easy to see why low-cost gyms are the clear winner when it comes to fitness business opportunities.

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