First we heard about the boom of budget gyms and the predicted ‘Golden Age of Fitness’, but how has the future of fitness clubs developed since?

Mintel’s July 2017 report for Health and Fitness Clubs states that the UK private health and fitness club market is growing quicker than ever, with 5.7 million Brits holding a gym membership in 2017 and an expected 7 million by 2022. When it comes to the industry’s worth, this is set to rise from £3.1 billion in 2017 to £3.9 billion in 2022. With such huge growth predicted in as little as five years, what will this evolution have in store for business owners?

What does this mean for franchisees?

The talk of budget fitness being big business earlier in the year was already promising news for business owners and franchisees, but Mintel’s latest report suggests that the health and fitness market now has “an increased focus on active lives, healthy eating, and exercise from both consumers and other industries”, which will only continue to be substantially more beneficial to the health club sector going forward.

What do franchisees need to focus on to encourage growth?

While the advancement of technology remains paramount in the health and fitness club market, outstanding customer service is the industry’s talking point this summer. Mintel’s report says that 49% of UK gym members regularly experience a lack of communication from gym staff, which is in fact the most reported ‘hassle’ of them all. This hassle stems from the unstaffed structures of today’s large budget gyms. They have achieved their success by offering reduced monthly membership costs, however they are neglecting the key factor which is now fuelling the dissatisfaction of their members.

How Fitness Clubs Will Grow over the Next 5 Years

énergie Fitness club hosts are there to make members feel at home

At énergie we are making it our mission to apply this missing ingredient by introducing hosts for that more personal approach in each of our clubs. As any business owner knows, it’s the service you provide that keeps the customers coming back, and in turn it’s your customer feedback that will help your club stand above the rest.

What do franchisees need to look out for?

Working in a competitive and rising industry requires a forward-thinking attitude and the ability to change the game to fit the moulds created by today’s society. This means that keeping up with market trends is paramount. The trend we’re experiencing currently is no longer just about fitness, but instead a broader spectrum of physical activity and wellness – encompassing healthy living, sports and health for not only the body, but also the mind. Fashion, celebrities and social media are the primary influencers driving this trend, but it’s up to the businesses within the health and fitness club market to help carry it.

Business owners and franchisees have a lot to look forward to with such significant expansion for our industry on the horizon, and a particularly ­­­­­­exciting future lies ahead for énergie as we begin to implement our member experience enhancements in clubs across the board.

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