There are many things to think about when starting your own business, much of which you’ll learn as you go if you’re a first-time entrepreneur or opening a business in a new sector. But this could mean making some costly mistakes, and with less than 60% of new businesses surviving past 3 years, it could be the difference between your business thriving or needing to shut down.

The high risk of starting a new venture is just one of the reasons why franchising with an existing business is an attractive option for many new business owners. Not only are you buying into a proven business model, but you also have access to franchise advice and support services.

While the level of support will vary from franchise to franchise, there are some key aspects you should be looking out for that mark a good franchisor regardless of what industry you choose. We illustrate these below by looking at what’s included in our award-winning franchise support package:

Business planning

From the moment you join énergie as a franchisee, we’re here to help you plan every aspect of the business. From finding the right property and kitting out your gym to sales forecasting and cashflow, our dedicated franchise team is there to support you in building a sustainable and profitable business – and it all starts with good planning.

Centralised marketing

The recognition of an existing brand plays a huge part in the success of a franchise. However, not all franchise brands market themselves centrally and instead rely on franchisees to do the legwork for them. We’re famous for our (sometimes controversial!) national advertising campaigns, and our central support in the run up to new gym launches means that franchisees have 100s of paying members already signed up before they even open their doors. Our record is 2,000.

World-class training

Our management training programme is second-to-none, and helps you learn everything you need to know about running a successful gym business. Plus, our staff training programme means that every new hire will get fully trained in your operational processes, meaning that you can get on with business.

Negotiated supplier discounts

Gym equipment can be really expensive. At énergie we have built relationships with quality suppliers like Precor and Jordan Fitness which give our franchisees exclusive access to discounts not available on the market. This provides a huge average saving on gym equipment.

Always here to help

We’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years, and when it comes to running a gym business we really have seen it all! Our knowledge and experience is one of the biggest benefits we provide our franchisees, which is why we are always available to help no matter how big or small the problem might be.

A good franchisor should offer all the above support, so make sure you ask what’s included. And while franchising is a great option, it might not be right for you – do take a look at our blog on the advantages and disadvantages of franchising.

If you want to find out more about becoming an énergie franchisee, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch!



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