Choosing a franchise whose vision, values and core purpose align to your own is a crucially important and sometimes overlooked factor when it comes to finding the right franchise partner.

Research has shown that prospective franchisees are looking to satisfy three key questions when evaluating potential franchise opportunities:

1) Is the franchise business profitable?

2) Will the business continue to make money, i.e. is the industry that the franchise operates in sustainable?

3) Can they see themselves working in the business?

The first two questions can often be answered on a factual basis and, therefore, the answers are largely objective. The third question however, ‘Can they see themselves working in the business?’ is one hundred per cent subjective and goes far beyond whether a potential franchisee simply likes the business idea.

Ensuring that the franchisor’s vision, values and core purpose align to your own is one of the key ways to discovering whether you can ‘see yourself working in the business?’ Another key method to satisfying this question is through evaluating whether the franchise can provide you with the kind of lifestyle, flexibility and work / life balance you want?

Whether you work in the business itself or run the franchise under management as an investor, the vision, values and core purpose of the franchisor will still be of huge importance: it can often be the spark that ignites your staff team to work towards a common goal, driving them to produce results.

Watch the video below to hear why Fit4less by énergie was the perfect fit for franchisee Carl Godley, owner of Fit4less Scunthorpe.

As Carl explains, the reason he was attracted to Fit4less by énergie was because of a synergy between the énergie Group’s mission statement and what he wanted to achieve in his life.

Carl says: “I wanted to combine my passion for fitness with a business and the Fit4less franchise provided me with the best opportunity to do this. What struck me the most about Fit4less and énergie was the family nature and genuine values that the company has. Yes there is a strong business ethos but it is not all-consuming. People matter, there is a clear and honest intent with the common values and the organisation wants to see its franchisees grow with it. This approach really struck a chord with me and I knew that as a brand, énergie were the perfect partner for me.”

At énergie, our core purpose is ‘émpowering people to transform their lives’. This core purpose transcends across all areas of our business. From empowering our franchisees to realise their business dreams through franchise ownership, to providing their staff teams with the environment and tools to help their members, many of whom are first-time fitness club users, to achieve the results that matter to them.

Our values are reflected throughout our business, including our level of franchisee support. Through providing a comprehensive support package we are very much focussed on empowering our franchisees. Our philosophy ‘We create inspirational environments, where people matter, results count and a passion for excellence drives everything we do’ manifests through our regular franchisee networking events. This provides our franchisees with the opportunity to come together, share best practice, learn from and be inspired by others who share a common purpose and passion.

Ready to learn more?

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