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SHOKK, the market leaders in youth fitness, has joined forces with energie, Britain’s leading fitness franchisor to offer an exciting and dynamic children’s fitness franchise opportunity.

SHOKKenergie is a globally unique company that specialises in professional fitness for the youth sector. SHOKK Youth Gyms have established themselves as the number one global youth fitness venue with several locations within the UK and many planned for overseas development imminently.

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The SHOKKenergie Youth Gyms Franchise concept is unique within the fitness industry and encourages young people into a lifetime of physical activity by providing an exciting and stimulating fitness environment entirely dedicated to their specific needs. From equipment design and training to décor and branding – every aspect of the SHOKK Youth Gym concept is focused on its target audience – young people aged between 5 and 16 years.

Is youth fitness a good investment?

Yes. Childhood obesity and youth inactivity are issues which have never been higher on the public agenda:

The statistics

As a result, demand for a kid’s fitness solution is stronger than ever before – demand which, as a SHOKKenergie franchisee, you will be well equipped to harness.

The SHOKKenergie solution:

SHOKKenergie combines the best elements of both organisations to form the only children’s fitness franchise in the marketplace that encapsulates a complete physical activity concept.

With SHOKK Youth Gyms comes 10 years’ of expertise in the youth fitness sector. The company has developed a successful brand in 15 territories across the globe, a brand which has encouraged thousands of young people of all abilities and backgrounds to enjoy physical activity. Energie complements this by offering unrivalled knowledge, systems and support acquired from operating over 100 fitness clubs.

By coming together to form SHOKKenergie, the two organisations ensure that as a franchisee you will have all the expertise and resources necessary to make your venture a resounding success. When it comes to successfully marketing and delivering the SHOKKenergie concept no stone has been left unturned.

SHOKKenergie will enable you to not only run a successful business, but also to make a difference and help encourage more young people today to become more active and ultimately healthier. We would encourage you to make an enquiry today and we’d welcome you to attend one of our regular Discovery Days held at the energie group HQ in Milton Keynes.


With a growing national awareness of the deteriorating health of the nation, people are looking for a brand that they can trust to offer a solution that is suited to their needs. SHOKKenergie is far more than a youth gym. It is about making physical activity acceptable, fashionable and (although only adults would ever say it), cool. The brand strength reinforces the importance and the ethos behind SHOKK Youth Gyms range of peripheral products and merchandise. If your new young members are wearing SHOKK Youth Gyms T-shirts, SHOKK Youth Gyms Puma tracksuits or drinking from a SHOKK Youth Gym water bottle this is positive communication and works as advertising for your facility.


The body of a growing young person is very different to that of an adult, therefore it is unsafe for them to use scaled down versions of full sized equipment.

Developed over 15 years of extensive sports science research, our revolutionary ranges of cardiovascular, resistance and free weight equipment are specifically geared towards the youth market. We also offer an exciting range of other equipment options suitable for use both within your facility but also mobile so you can engage with children in your local community.

Franchise opportunities

Owning a SHOKKenergie franchise is a hugely rewarding experience and provides you with the opportunity to create the personal and financial success that you have always deserved. We urge you to attend one of our Discovery Days or alternatively contact us for more details.

Interested in developing energie in a specific UK region?

The SHOKKenergie regional principal opportunity provides you with the ability to operate, sell and develop multiple SHOKKenergie franchises in a dedicated and exclusive UK territory. ›› More details

Interested in developing SHOKKenergie internationally?

Following our success in the Middle East and Europe we are currently seeking Master Franchisees for regions outside the UK, who share our passion for fitness and wellbeing. ›› More details

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