Own a Fit4less franchise and get your working life and financial future into the best possible shape

Fit4less is the market-leading budget gym franchise offering consumers a smarter way to exercise and our franchisees the opportunity to create the lifestyle, business and success they’ve always dreamt of.

There has never been a better time to join the low cost fitness revolution and open a Fit4less gym franchise of your own.  Now you can share in the success of a rapidly growing group of franchisees from across the UK that own successful, profitable Fit4less gyms.

The fastest growing sector in fitness

When every penny counts who wants to pay £60 or £70 a month for gym membership when you can join your local Fit4less and pay from just £14.99!?

With a sales pitch like this, it’s no surprise to hear that the biggest growth sector in fitness is the budget gym.



The ultimate lifestyle business

The good news is that you don’t need a previous interest in health and fitness to be a success with Fit4less. This is a management franchise where the sales and marketing of your business are just as important as helping your members to lose weight and get fit.

Owning a Fit4less gym franchise can offer you a unparalleled level of freedom and flexibility, giving you total control over your work-life balance, whilst offering a direct route to achieving financial security.

A Fit4less gym can be structured to suit your lifestyle, trained staff can be employed to cover every aspect of running the business, including the management of the gym. This means that the gym practically runs itself, freeing up more time for you to enjoy life.

Fit4less – famous for our spectacular new gym launches

Fit4less is becoming famous throughout the industry for our spectacular new gym launches. Through our innovative sales and marketing processes we’re able to help generate hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of new members before a club has even officially opened their doors to the public.

The result is that on the first day of opening many clubs are several months and in some cases, years ahead of their business plan targets.

Innovative technology reduces admin and drives down costs

As a Fit4less franchisee you’ll be able to realise the true power of innovative technology in driving a systems-based business that frees up time, money and resources.

Part of the cost-saving approach of Fit4less is to drive consumers to join online, encouraged by excellent web optimisation and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Members join online at www.F4L.com whether in a club using the ‘joining zone’, or at home or work, saving administration time and resources.

Members access the gym via biometric (fingerprint) readers which control access; this improves security (no swapping of membership cards or access codes) and saves on costs by eliminating the need for a reception and reception staff.

Fit4less key brand drivers

Our Fit4less gyms are operated to a fixed model based upon the following key brand drivers:

  • Proven targeted marketing campaigns highlight our ‘low cost’.   

  • Online joining and smart use of technology reduce administration.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs through multi-skilled workforce.

  • Tight operational costs.

  • A simple and effective business model.