With the demand for women’s health and fitness products at an all-time high you may be surprised to learn that only 11% of the female population in the UK use a gym to lose-weight and get fit.

Home exercise equipment, celebrity fitness DVD’s and magazines devoted to fitness, health and wellbeing sell in their millions each year, yet fail to produce the one thing that women really want… the guarantee of results. Add to this that many women simply feel too intimidated by the prospect of joining a conventional gym or health club and you have a growing market searching for the ideal solution.

énergie fitness for women is a convenient, one-stop solution where women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels can achieve the fitness, weight-loss and wellbeing results they’ve always dreamt of. What’s more, results are guaranteed.

A total solution to meet the demands of every woman

énergie fitness for women clubs have literally helped tens of thousands of women change their lives. Whether it’s dropping a few dress sizes, shaping-up or simply regaining the flexibility and mobility to be more active and enjoy life again, énergie fitness for women is the answer that many women have been searching for.

We recognise that it's not easy for many women to take the first step towards getting fit, in fact 80% of énergie fitness for women's members have never visited a fitness centre or health club before. Through our 30 day results guaranteed émpower programme, we ensure that our members receive the support they want, the advice they need so they can achieve the real results they’ve always dreamt of.   



Empowering women with guaranteed results

With énergie fitness for women’s 30 day émpower results guaranteed programme you’ll be able to remove the fear that prevents many women from taking the all-important first step towards a healthier lifestyle, and deliver the life-changing results they’ve always desired.

With guaranteed results in as little as 30 days, and a focus on delivering the advice and on-going support that really makes a difference, the émpower programme gives you the competitive advantage in your local marketplace.

énergie fitness for women key brand drivers

Our clubs are operated to a flexible model based on the following drivers:

  • Our unique 30 day émpower results guaranteed programme which attracts new prospective members.

  • A proven business model.

  • Conveniently located women’s only fitness facility offering a 30 minute workout.

  • A strong and rapidly expanding market with minimal competition.

  • High levels of service delivered by local ownership.